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My Approach

As a Holistic Aesthetician, my approach truly looks at the entirety of an individual. This may include diet, lifestyle, stress, exercise, spiritual practice or outlook on life.


The skin, our largest organ, is a wonderful barometer or window into our lives. It may show scars from physical injury of the past or the lack luster dull from a diet full of processed foods. For example, if someone was to have acne, we cannot only treat the skin, we must listen to the body. Maybe she has a food allergy, an overburdened liver or a hormonal imbalance.


The skin belongs in the excretory system and when we see issues arise within the skin, we must strengthen that entire system. I help inspire my client to her own discovery for healing.

I also approach aging differently. I do not adhere to the idea of "anti-aging," as this societal program continues our disdain to the inevitable destiny of growing older.

My perspective is as such, we do not age, we change, we grow, we evolve into wisdom and our bodies reflect that change. I approach aging not as something to be "anti" of, but to live as "radiant aging," which can be achieved at any stage of life.

Skin care is self care and the message must evolve past the need for pure aesthetics, but for the maintenance and honor that the body and self deserves.

All of my treatments are effective in treating your skin concerns, and in creating an experience of relaxation and escape. I pride myself in providing my clients with an exceptional experience.


The treatments are customized to your individual needs and concerns. They can be customized to any skin type, skin condition, or skin sensitivity. I have treatments and products that are pregnancy, nursing, and oncology safe. 


I use Osmosis+Pure Medical Skincare and RD Alchemy in the treatment room, and for recommended home care. I only use clean, yet highly effective products for my clients. True healing and change is also brought upon by my treatments using LED, ultrasonic, high frequency, and microcurrent. These treatments effect change deep within the skin, invoking biochemical processes to heal acne, reduce redness and inflammation, stimulate fibroblast and increase collagen and elastin production.

Although the science of skincare, together with effective techniques do invoke change within the skin, the power of the human touch has to be acknowledged and honored. I am grateful as a healer and grateful as a human to be able to touch, massage, and relax your mind, body, soul, and skin.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to care for you.

My Approach

My Journey

Most of the health problems that I have had in my life have expressed through my skin. I look at health and life through deeper meaning and believe that there is more to disease, be it physical, emotional or spiritual, which is why I believe all three elements have to be addressed to truly heal.


I have had hormonal acne since the age of 19 and psoriasis since the age of 27. I have been able to clear my acne with diet, inner work, and proper skin care. My psoriasis has stayed very minimal, but is something I am still healing. I understand the struggles that are had when issues with the skin arise. 

More personally, I am 38 years old. I exercise religiously; it is a passion of mine and a huge piece of the puzzle towards "radiant aging." I love natural health and wellness and have been studying and exploring for 15 years. I also have been on a deep spiritual path for the same amount of time. I love exploring energy and naturally heal and interact with others energetically, which make my treatments that much more powerful. I have been married for 14 years and we have three amazing, unique, and beautiful children.

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